Happy Republic Day 2019

Hello everyone

On the auspicious occasion of 70th Republic Day of our beloved country, I extend my warm greetings and welcome everyone of you to a morning of hope, pride, honour and patriotism. As we know that our holy book of democracy, i.e. Indian Constitution came into existence on this very precious day in the year 1950. It was onus on the constituent assembly to frame a rulebook for a country which was ruled by brutal foreigners over more than two centuries. Challenges were even worse as our country had numerous issues on the fronts of livelihood, poverty, social harmony due to inevitable separation of country and many other issues which had to be addressed while framing rules for a public centric governance system. Our ancestors did a wonderful job and we are proud of their work as we became the largest democracy in the world with so many unique interface over the period of time. Let’s not forget the sacrifices of our freedom fighters who gave us this tremendous opportunity to live in a free and sovereign democratic India. At the same time, let’s remember every one of those great leaders who laid the constitution grow further with the pace of time. Democracy is a form of governance of the people, for the people and by the people. Let’s affirm on this holy occasion that we, as citizens of India, won’t let anyone to deteriorate the federal structure of our country by protecting the constitutional values and ensuring us as a part of democratic system.

Thank you

Jai Hind

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