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The Liebster Award Nomination 2.0

Hello Everyone

In my previous post (click here to read), I could cover the naminations by 3 bloggers. My blogger friends are kind enough to consider me for nomination and I’m back with the nominations by another 3 bloggers. Please do visit their blogs at the link embedded with their names and get benefitted with the beautiful pearls offered by them –

Mitali Rajawat

Mukesh Dhaka

Coach Kanika


  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!
  5. Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees.
  6. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 Facts about me

I’ve already covered this topic and they still stand good 😊. You can read them in my previous post on the same subject. Link provided at beginning of this post.

Answers to the Questions of the Bloggers

  • Questions by Mitali
    • Why did you start blogging
      • Frankly speaking, I’ve never been a professional writer but I sincerely feel that my thoughts can bring some change and hence, I needed a platform to spread the word. Fortunately, WordPress provided that platform. I belong to a group which aspires for competitive examinations and hence I started current affairs section on my blog.
    • What you favorite place in your city?
      • Well, I’m from the countryside and my agricultural fields are the most soothing place where I embrace the beauty of nature.
    • Favorite book?
      • One Minute Manager. I think that everybody should read it once.
    • What’s your blog is about.
      • It’s all about literature, photography, Articles affecting Public and Current Affairs. It aims to provide quality materials free of cost. Every post is written by me and any references whatsoever bears the proper credit of source.
    • Your favorite post from your blog.
      • I’m not aware if there is any fixed parameter to decide on this factor. Every post written with your heart is unique for you as a writer. It’s your readers who make the contents popular. There are instances when a post you consider the best remains unnoticed. Hence, I invite my readers to decide the best post on my blog.
    • How you spent a day without mobile phone.
      • It’s a very tough question for most of us 😀. However, a good period of the day is spent without mobile firstly when at office and secondly in the company of books.
    • Where you write your thoughts before publishing?
      • I use keep notes app for poetry and shayri. Whereas, other posts are directly written on my blog page.
    • If God come to you what you ask him?
      • A world full of joy and happiness, social harmony and love for everyone, food and basic amenities for all and yes, a cute smile on your face 😊
    • What are you studying or what kind of work you do?
      • I’ve done my post graduation and preparing for competitive examinations.
    • Favorite food.
      • Anything except nonveg, prepared at hom. Mom knows that well 😊
    • What’s your cherished childhood TV show that you used to love but haven’t thought in a while.
      • Shaktiman 😀
  • Questions by Mukesh
    • what is success for you?
      • A state of life which gives you pleasure and satisfaction at its best.
    • what are your some innocent desires when you were child?
      • Having my own aircraft at the rooftop of my house 😀
    • which animal do you like most and why?
      • I’m an animal lover and every creature bears equal importance to me.
    • why is seeing new places are so pleasurable for you?
      • By visiting a new place, you can have a realistic idea about culture, lifestyle and natural beauty of that place.
    • Which is your favourite movie?
      • I’m not very fond of movies. So naming a particular movie would not be possible
    • Which sport you like most?
      • Athletics and Badminton
    • what was your first writing thing?
      • A drama written on dowry issue. I was in 9th class at that time
    • are you feel like sometimes using emoji is exhausting you?
      • I enjoy them actually
    • if you have choice to forget all bad memories ,what do you do?
      • We are always having a choice to learn from bad experiences and move on. It’s our own thoughts which drag us back and regret later on.
    • which animation character is your favorite?
      • Bambi, rose and stumper 😀
    • what do you think about my english?
      • Keep refining it everyday. That’s all which leads to perfection.
  • Questions by Kanika
    • What’s your favorite meal of the day?
      • Breakfast
    • When did you begin your blog?
      • January 2019
    • What’s your blog about?
      • Already replied under “Questions by Mitali”
    • Do you own a pet? If so, what kind and what’s it’s his/her name?
      • I do have company of few living and loving creatures but I don’t consider myself as their owner. They include cows, dogs and cats who live together happily 😊
    • Do you think meteorologist really know what they’re predicting? and, if they get the prediction wrong, do you think they should still get paid?
      • Meteorology is a form of science which is still under development however they have done good job post Tsunami. As far as their funding is concerned, you don’t stop feeding your underperforming child rather you try to help him improve his skills. Don’t you 😊
    • Winter or Summer Sports, what’s your favorite?
      • Summer Sports
    • What is your least favorite chore to do?
      • Cooking. I never do that 😀
    • Read a book or watch a movie, which is your preference?
      • The first one
    • How many of you, the bloggers find that 10 questions are too much?
      • Sufficient
    • Do you find that it’s difficult to ask 10 questions ?
      • Less conversation = Least Knowledge about each other = more difficulty to ask a question

My Nominees are –

Ashwini Nawathe

Shri Krishna Sharma




Kiran Singh

Shivani Singh Patel


Shobha Iyer

Girija Jandu

My Questions to the Nominees are –

  • Whom do you love the most and why ?
  • Name the 5 bloggers whom you would like to have as your friends in real life.
  • How can we help ourselves to be a better part of the society?
  • Mention the work or thing which gives you the pleasure of life.
  • How does the number of likes denotes the quality of content as a parameter?
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What do you do during the moments of discomfort?
  • Why did you start blogging and how does it help you as a person?
  • Define love? How does it affect the mankind?
  • Tell us something you would like to share without being asked.

I’ll be waiting for your answers. Thanks a lot to Mitali, Mukesh and Kanika for this nomination. I hope that you liked my answers 


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