बातें – मेरी और आपकी – 10

200+ Followers on WordPress

Hello Everyone

I’m here tonight to convey my regards to 201 splendid friends who showered their unconditional love and support on Albela Darpan along with 18 email followers and 216 social media friends. It has been 9 months since this blog was established on 12 January this year. You people have been real assets of my life and I learnt so many things through your articles and comments. Meanwhile, at least 8 of you have nominated this blog for various blogger awards which was really an honour to me.

I found many new friends and also an elder sister during this journey. Their motivation has always been with me in form of their comments.

With your constant support, this blog is getting closer to achieve the feet of 10000 hits with >6000 visitors and >2600 likes.

I convey my sincere regrets for not being regular due to certain commitments towards other aspects of life but I do read the posts of all of you while traveling or wherever I get some leisure time. Please bear with us and keep blessing this blog. I’ll be providing regular updates as and when I find time with me.

I’ll be completing one year of my writing journey by the end of this month. Please suggest me how should I celebrate it with all of you. I’ll be waiting for your suggestions.

Once again I thank everyone of you for making this journey memorable.

Stay tuned, Stay Blessed, Thanks a Ton 😊


      1. स्वागतम🙏,ये मेरा सौभाग्य है कि आप के जैसे मेरे मित्र हैं।

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  1. Congratulations 🎉. You have a nice and decent blog. I love it ❤️. Could you also check mine also? It would be such a great honor 🙇. You now have +1 follower on your blog (me😉)


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