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Liabster Award Nomination

Hello everyone

My fellow writers have been kind enough to nominate me for various blogging awards and I am very thankful to them for their kind admiration. However, I have been lazy enough to post my responses to many nominations and I express my regret to those loving bloggers who considered me worthy for such nominations.

And, I have been once again nominated by an amazing blogger Anushree. Trust me, she truly possess a mesmerizing personality and replicates the same in her write ups. Please do visit her blog by clicking at her name above. Thanks for this nomination Anu… To know more about her personality, you can read her responses to nomination for the same award.. Click here to read.

You can visit बातें – मेरी और आपकी section of my blog to know more about me. So, Let’s take the questions asked by Anushree.

Q-1 Introvert or extrovert? Reason?
Ans I consider myself somewhere between both the parameters. Basically, it depends upon the person with whom I am interacting. So, interact and decide yourself.

Q-2 Which is your favourite movie and why?
Ans I am not very fond of movies but I enjoy all genre with company of friends.

Q-3 When is your birthday?
Ans 31 December

Q-4 Who is your favourite blogger?
Ans Every blogger who makes effort to write and express the world through his/her perspective. You are one of them, Anu.

Q-5 Describe yourself in 5 Words.
Ans Interact to know me better. You can contact me through Contact us tab of my blog.

Q-6 What is your ambition?
Ans Ambitions are like treasures which are to be kept secret till the time they are achieved. I am certainly an ambitious person with a motive to do something better for deprived. As a tool to aid my ambitions, 100% royalty from the sale of My first book जीवन वीथिका (Click here to know more) is dedicated to the education of needy students.

Q-7 What’s special about the country you live in?
Ans A blog post is too short to describe specialty of my country, India. Live India to know India.

Q-8 Favourite destination outside your country?
Ans No plans as of now. Suggestions are most welcome so that I can plan sometime in future.

Q-9 Best advice by your best friend?
Ans Start living for yourself.

Q-10 Your best way of passing time?
Ans Don’t have much time to pass. However, I like to spend my leisure time in serenity with books, music and writing poems.

Q-11 Tell one of your good memory?
Ans Every moment spent with family, friends and nature is the best time of my life.

I nominate every visitor of this post and request to take on the same questions.

Once again, my sincere thanks to Anu for nominating and reminding me to post my responses. I hope that you liked them.

  • Arun अर्पण


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