बातें – मेरी और आपकी – 17

New changes in blog settings

Hello friends

It has been a long time since we actually had any discussion at this platform. It was due to my inactiveness owing to Covid pandemic and busy schedule at work and home. However, I have always been available through “Contact us” section of this platform and many of fellow bloggers and readers have actually contacted me on many occasions. I convey my sincere thanks to all of them.

I am aware of the fact that commenting on a blog post takes time for many of you and hence, it keeps me deprived of your valuable feedback about a post sometimes. Keeping in view this fact, I have introduced a rate option at the top of my every blog post. This will provide me your valuable response even if you are unable to take time for posting comments. Please do utilise this option and let me know how far I am able to fulfil my commitments with my readers.

Additionally, I have provided a section “Darpan Special” at the top of my posts on homepage and you will find “Contact us” category under this section. It means that you won’t have to make efforts to search contact option on this platform.

Please let me know what I can do further to enhance reader experience at this platform.

Have a safe time and keep yourself healthy.

Thanks and regards

– Arun अर्पण

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