The Albela Darpan was introduced to the world on 12 January 2019 with a motive to provide an integrated platform to the lovers of poetry and photography along with some insight of general knowledge, current affairs and lifestyle. It has completed 3 successful years and achieved many milestones during this journey.

The logo was designed by Ashish Tiwari and being used since its inception.

Click on the above buttons to visit the links of social media platforms of Albela Darpan.


Initially, Albela Darpan was hosted on .blog (https://albeladarpan.blog) domain which has now shifted to .com (https://albeladarpan.com) domain for easy and known access to all.


We have hosted a book namely जीवन वीथिका under Books section. you can order it from the button provided below. Any amount received in form of royalty of this book will aid in education of an underprivileged child.


We have launched a beautiful New Year calendar namely दर्पण कैलेंडर this year. You can download it free of cost from the button provided below.


You can subscribe us to receive regular updates of the our posts directly into inbox of your email ID. Please use the following form to get subscription free of cost.


On Albela Darpan, we believe in community building of emerging as well as experienced writers to learn and grow together. If you are interested in writing poetry, articles, photography or any other hobby which you want to get hosted on Albela Darpan, you can always use the following form to place a request.


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